Wednesday, 20 April 2016

5 simple but useful whatsapp tricks

Whatsapp has become an important messaging app in phones of people. It has also allowed people to send data in an encrypted security. They have allowed internet calls too. But there are certain things that you would like to do in whatsapp . The things are ver
y small and can be smartly performed. So this article focuses on 5 simple but very useful whatsapp tricks

How to read a message in whats app without letting the sender know

When you receive a whatsapp message, you get a notification in the notification tray. Now without opening the message from their. Now go to settings tray (by sliding downwards the notification tray). Switch to flight mode. Now open whatsapp and read the message that you want to read. When done close whatsapp and disable the flight mode. The sender will not know whether you have read the message or not.

How to create shortcut of a whatsapp contact

This can be used to create shortcut of a whatsapp contact which is used by you most frequently. Open whatsapp and go to chat view. Select the contact and go to menu > more > add shortcut. Thats it , the shortcut is ready.

How to send a message to all contacts in whatsapp

In whatsapp tap the menu button to open main menu. Tap on new broadcast and then tap on the plus (+) sign to select all the contacts that you need to send message. Tap on done and then select create option. Type the message in the screen and hit the send button.

How to know when the receiver read your message

You can easily know whether the receiver has read your message or not, as the double tick marks turn blue.But what if you want to know exact time when the receiver read your message. Just long press on the message and thats it.The simple trick will tell you when the receiver actually read your message.

How to schedule whatsapp messages

download whatsapp message scheduler lite from google play store.Open the app and it will have 2 buttons at bottom. Go to pending messages option and click new message icon. write the number and message that you want o schedule. Enter date and time for the message.